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Need A New Water Heater?

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Scale build-up, slow warming speeds and even loud noises coming from your water heater can all mean trouble, and may even require expensive repairs or replacement. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional water heater, a tank-less water heater may be the solution. A tank-less water heater eliminates the need for a large tank to store 40-50 gallons of hot water, which means you will never run out of hot water and you save energy by warming only what you need. On average families who switched to the tank-less water heater saved up to $100.00 a year depending on water usage.

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How Do I Save Money With My Water Softener?

Clogged drains? Ask about our Jetter services!

What Does The Jetter Do?

A water Jetter uses a specialized nozzle and hose that blasts away clogged pipes at over 4,000 PSI. A water Jetter can cut away built up scale in your pipes, break up dirt debris and sludge built up over time and even remove intrusive roots that have invaded your plumbing.

A salt based water softener has a lot of benefits such as zero minerals, no lime scale build up and water from a salt based water softener system feels different than a salt-free water softener. Depending on your preference a salt-less water softener is a great alternative to the traditional salt-based water softeners. A salt-free water softener system removes scale, has zero waste water and best of all no electricity. Customers who upgrade to a Pelican Salt-Less water softener system can save up to 10% when purchased and installed by us.