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 M21381 / TECL32745 / TACLA20719C

Pelican Water Softener


​Water Closet Grab Bars

We supply and install the safest and most secure Water Closet Grab Bars on the market.  Solid mounts to wall and floor to prevent any movement when in use.


  • New installation and service on all tub and shower systems, water closets, lavatories, kitchen sinks and faucets
  • ​Factory Trained AO Smith and State water heater service agents, installation and service of ALL water heater units, commercial and residential.
  • ​State licensed Septic system installer and repair technician. Everything from troubleshooting and diagnostics to installing new conventional and low dose county approved systems, to pumping and cleaning of your existing tanks.
  • ​Installation and repair of all yard lines, including water, sewer/drainage and gas lines.
  • Design, installation and service of entire water well pump house systems, including tanks, valves, controls, piping and equipment.
  • ​Licensed Gas & LP installers and service technicians.
  • ​Hydrostatic Testing.
  • Emergency water abatement and damage control, including removal, drying and de-humidification of affected areas.
  • Residential and commercial Irrigation Systems, installation and service, including System Controls, system design, conventional and drip irrigation.
  • Installation of atmospheric water storage tanks and controls.
  • Water filtration and UV light treatments​

Grab Bar


​Water Treatment Experts

We are a Pelican Water Systems Dealer and have Pelican Service Agents available for your water softener and water filter needs.